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The side channel blowers, manufactured by FPZ, find great applications in the field of ceramics, production of bricks and tiles, for both heating processes that move these delicate materials. The main applications are:


Products such as bricks, tiles, ceramics and porcelain must be free of air bubbles, in order to prevent breakage during cooking. Therefore a degassing process is required to remove dissolved gases. This is achieved through the blower that creates a vacuum.

Pick and place

The side channel blowers allow performing, easily and safely, even all the handling operations related to ceramics, tiles and bricks. In this way the transfer times are optimized and the level of safety of the movement operations is increased.

Pneumatic convey
Pneumatic conveying allows handling bulk materials in powder or granules at low speed, therefore it is very suitable for materials such as ceramics.
This system is featured by low noise level, considerable energy saving and low maintenance costs.

Silos Fluidization

The fluidization system is an effective solution for introducing air between the particles of dry material, in this case, ceramic.
Air, distributed by the blower, is in a controlled quantity to allow the material to flow by gravity from silos and hoppers without packing problems.
This process with the use of blowers is featured by lower energy consumption compared to the same process with use of compressors, and there are also less moisture problems in the fluidization air.

Tiles drying

The drying of materials such as ceramics, tiles and bricks is carried through the air knives system, and therefore the uniform and high intensity air flows are generated by blowers. This process is an excellent alternative to electric ovens, as it allows energy savings of about 40%, and it also significantly reduces the drying time. The use of air knives for drying has great advantages, such as: low cost, noise and maintenance and positioning flexibility.
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