FPZ develops and produces side channel blowers that can be used in various applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry: degassing, pneumatic conveying, centralised vacuum systems and surface treatments are just some of the solutions offered in this field. Below is a complete list of the application systems:

Central vacuum systems
Central vacuum systems are used to replace individual generators present in large amounts. The blower within the system, either fixed or movable, is able to remove both solid and liquid materials, including chemicals, in large quantities. The greatest advantage of the central configuration is definitely the reduced power consumption, significantly lower compared to operation of the individual units. It is also possible to carry out maintenance work even when the system is in operation.


The blowers are capable of generating air blades which allow cooling the surfaces through water or other chemical solvents evaporation. Thanks to a uniform air flow, the air can cool, for whole length of an object, its surface controlling its surface temperature.

Degassing is the process that leads to the removal of gases dissolved in liquids, and can be realized by pressure reduction or heating by extruders. The extruder consists of one or more cylinders with their own vapour emission flue and of an appropriate screw profile suitable to support the formation of a pneumatic seal chamber, which can have a normal or reduced internal pressure. The side channel blowers are used in these systems to eliminate, by compression, the chemical solvents and air that may be conveyed inside it.

Medicines, before being placed on the market, are dried by removing solvents from the products. Heated dryers, static or dynamic that work by suction, are used to achieve this. The advantage of this vacuumed drying technique consists in the possibility of removing chemical solvents even at low temperatures.

Gas compression
The side channel blowers allow compression and volume reduction required to pump the gas in the piping of a plant for their transfer.


In the impregnation process, the blower allows viscous substances to penetrate thoroughly into a container to completely and permanently fill cracks or porosity, sealing them.

Pneumatic convey
Pneumatic conveying system means moving a product held in suspension in a flowing gas stream at a certain speed. Thanks to blowers and centralized systems, pneumatic conveying allows moving, in an economical and safe way, various materials without deforming or contaminating them.
There are various types:
• Low concentration convey system - FANS
• Medium concentration convey systems – BLOWERS - ROOTS
• Low and medium concentration convey systems in suction-pressure
• Convey with venturi ejector
• Closed circuit convey
• High concentration convey systems under pressure
• High concentration convey systems in suction and blow
• Pneumatic elevators

Solvent recovery

The side channel blowers can be used to protect the environment where waste water has been contaminated with chemical solvents. Water is evaporated and condensed by vacuum distillation in order to separate the solvent, and then it is transported elsewhere to be used in other treatments.

Surface treatments
The blower is used in industrial coating processes through the use of metal vapours in vacuumed environments. The blower allows creating the vacuum necessary to maintain metallic vapour under pressure that then condenses into a thin layer adhering to the surface, covering it.

Vacuumed evaporation
Evaporation is the transition from liquid to gaseous state. Thanks to the presence of vacuum created by the blowers this step can also take place at temperatures lower than the standard condition. In this way we can separate more rapidly non-volatile components from a solution, while also reducing the disposal costs.

Packaging machines

The blowers are used for packaging in the die-cutting, bending and flattening processes facilitating the filling and sealing processes.

Clean rooms for packaging
The side channel blowers are used to maintain critical environments clean from this point of view, creating a backpressure that prevents dust from settling
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