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In the industrial areas and components cleaning industry the side channel blowers manufactured by FPZ are used in many applications. The main applications are:

Air drying

Drying is a process in which a liquid is removed from a solid by evaporation. Direct drying uses hot air, which is moved by a blower, with a low moisture content.

Central vacuum systems

Central vacuum systems are used in diverse industrial and civil sectors, including the cleaning sector. These are featured by a central vacuum unit located in a service room attached to a network of pipes that reach all areas of the structure.
The central vacuum system, where the blowers have a key role, has great advantages: it can clean all types of surfaces, it unlikely to clog and is easier to use than traditional vacuum cleaners.

Chips and waste suction

Chips and waste are sucked through industrial vacuum equipment. These, in movable or fixed version, are capable of removing solid and liquid materials in large quantities, where the blower generates the vacuum and air flow, responsible for the transport of materials in their own container.


Suction occurs through industrial machines capable of removing liquids and solids from the floor or other surfaces and collecting them in the appropriate container. These machines are designed to operate for a long time, even in heavy duty conditions. The blower generates the vacuum air flow.

Vacuum drying

Vacuum drying allows the complete evaporation of water, after the creation of vacuum in the washing chambers.
The residual vapour is then collected and removed by the blower.

Vacuum welding fumes

A vacuum system also allows the elimination of welding fumes.

Vacuum oil removing

The oil removal process, or de-oiling, is used for cleaning components, through vacuum chambers, in which the contaminations are vaporized.
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