Food & beverage

The food industry requires the use of FPZ side channel blowers in many forms: transport, sanitation process, packaging and many others. The main applications are:

Pneumatic conveying (coffee roasting) The coffee roasting process is an important step, as it is responsible for the taste and aroma. At this transformation stage from green bean to roasted bean the blower has the primary role of mixing the product, so that it reaches a uniform roasting.

Plucking is an automatic process that is carried out during birds slaughter and requires special attention. To easily carry out this operation, the animals are immersed in wetting tanks that relax the pores. Here the blowers move and agitate the water.

Desalination is the process of removing salt from water, usually from seawater. This procedure is also applicable in the food industry, in vegetable products washing and desalting.

Filling machines
Filling machines are used in pharmaceutical, hygiene and food applications, for example to fill bottles and cans. This is the most modern solution in the field of liquid or high viscosity products bottling .

Fishing industry
Each fish requires a certain space in which to swim and grow, so it is necessary to use tanks of correct proportions.

Blowers are used for the distribution of air that keeps the right amount of oxygen, ensuring low cost, noise levels and maintenance.

Fruits and vegetables drying
The automatic drying of fruit and vegetables is one of the key steps in fresh fruit and vegetables processing. This occurs automatically through tunnels fitted with centrifugal fan or forced ventilation.
The use of blowers allows offering the consumer products that have maintained their original genuineness, because the transition takes place very quickly.

Fruit and vegetable washing machines
The washing operation is carried out in tanks with appropriate grumbling effect of food, i.e. water moves through air agitators. Blowers allow carrying out this process with great efficiency and no maintenance, compared to mechanical agitators. There is also a lower risk of accidents for operators in charge of the washing operations.

In the food sector, humidification is essential, as it preserves the freshness of food such as fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat and fish, avoiding dehydration and prolonging the storage time. The blower is used for the transport of water vapour, necessary in this operation.

Ice Storage Tanks
Ice storage tanks are particularly suitable for the consumption of cold water. The tanks, perfectly isolated, are replenished continuously with water which is maintained gelid thanks to the contact with the heat exchanger fed by liquid refrigerant. The efficiency of this system is ensured by the stirring system consisting of a blower.

This process is featured by low cost and uniform distribution.

Labelling machines
Labelling machines are printing machines that apply labels to products; they are widely used in the food industry.

Milking machines
Blowers are used even in milking systems. They create the necessary vacuum, for example, adherence to the breast and transporting fresh milk.
This process has great advantages such as no oil, low and limited maintenance and reduced energy consumption.

MAP packaging 
The MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) is a packaging technology that provides for the replacement of all or part of the air in contact with a gas mixture of known composition. The blower, when in suction, is used to remove oxygen and package the product in a sealed vacuum chamber.

Pick and place
Products in the food industry can also be handled through the use of blowers. This system allows saving time and energy, also in large quantities, and in total safety.

Pneumatic convey
Pneumatic transport, in the food industry, is considered the most efficient method as it totally eliminates the risk of product contamination.
These oil-free systems require the use of air blowers for air movement.

Pneumatic presses
Pneumatic presses are used, for example, for pressing grapes, apples and other fruits. These systems, which involves the use of blowers, are featured by low cost, noise level and maintenance.

Seeding machines
Seeding machines are used for placing seeds and young plants on the ground. In this case the blower is used for shedding the seeds.
These systems provide significant time and cost savings in the agricultural sector.

Silos Fluidization
The silos fluidization is a process that introduces air between the particles of dry material, to facilitate the descent of the material to the discharge. This method has lower power consumption and less moisture problems in the fluidization air.

Steam deodorization
Deodorization is a classical procedure of the food industry, through which odours are neutralized, especially with regard to oils and fats. Blowers are used also in this process, as they are responsible for the suction of the steam, injected to remove germs and bacteria, that cause the unpleasant odours.

Vacuum filtration
The vacuum filtration systems, in the food industry, allow water treatment, flowing through sand filters.

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