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FPZ side channel blowers are employable in the glass industry for sandblasting and shot-peening processes, for suction systems, for drying and for handling systems.

Sandblastind and shot-peening process

The sandblasting procedure is a process that erodes the surface of a material through abrasion, while the shot-peening operation consists in hammering surface, performed cold, by a violent jet of spherical pellets. These system allow cleaning, writing and decorations on glass. In this process the blower is used for the movement of air, sand or pellets.

Suction Systems
Blowers has a key role in suction systems for products of different nature ad characteristics, including glass. These systems provide a great flexibility of pressure flow, because various gripping points can work individually or with more contemporary. The request of air takes place by varying the speed of the blower, thanks to inverter driven by empty detection probes. The use of blowers in these plants, in addiction to the ductility capacity of pressure, has the advantage of a reduced cost.

Drying process with air
The flow of air, generated by blowers of FPZ, allow the cleaning and drying of bottles and glass, thanks to help of heaters for temperatures. The use of this system is the cheaper and practical alternative, that allows 40 % energy savings, contains dimensions and simple to install.

Handling with suction pumps
The process of handling sheets of glass is made by vacuum systems, whose units are suckers. Blower are used in vacuum creation system, necessary to support action. These steps ensure a perfect seal, minimal maintenance costs and noise is limited.
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