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In the graphics and paper industry, FPZ side channel blowers are used in numerous applications, in the pre-printing, printing and after-printing stages. Here are the main applications.

Movement by air cushions

The movement by air cushion allows moving heavy loads, also in tight spaces, carefully and safely.

Bending machine

Bending machines are used in the graphics and paper industry in the after-printing stage. The blower is involved in the modular bending process.

Cutting machines

Cutting machines, also called cutters, used in the after-printing stage, involve the use of blowers for both cutting and waste removal.

Packaging Machinery

The side channel blowers are fundamental in packaging plants; they are used in the paper industry, because they allow a considerable reduction of the time in the die-cutting, bending, levelling processes.
Paper feeding machines.
In the graphical sector, side channel blowers are also employed in paper feeding, as these create the appropriate movement for picking up.

Pick and place

The side channel blowers allow carrying out, easily and safely, also material movement operations in the paper and graphical industry. In this way the transfer times are optimized and the movement operations safety level is improved.

Plotter/empty tables

The tables and vacuum tables are used in the graphical sector.
These allow a firm fastening of the parts and materials for processing.
The air flow and vacuum rate, which is a fundamental variable, is given by the blower use.

Chips and waste suction

Chips and waste are sucked through industrial vacuum equipment. These, in movable or fixed version, are capable of removing solid and liquid materials in large quantities, where the blower generates the vacuum and air flow, responsible for the transport of materials in their own container.
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