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FPZ develops and produces side channel blowers that can be used in various applications in the medical industry, making effective and efficient health solutions.

Anti-decubitus mattress

Through the use of permeable materials it is possible to prevent the risk of pressure sores in patients confined to bed for a long time. The blower is used to feed air mattresses thanks to air inlet in some of its cells and air extraction in others. The selected raising and lowering of these areas varies the pressure on the skin allowing the patient to assume a correct position and allowing a more rapid healing to the skin.

Suction systems in dentistry

The central suction systems are used in surgical and dental clinics to suck liquids that come out during interventions (water, saliva or blood). The peculiarity of these blowers is that they are treated to resist corrosion.

Steam Sterilization

The side channel blower is used in sterilization processes for conveying steam at high temperature close to the objects to be sterilized that, being colder, absorb the heat released with the consequent elimination of germs and bacteria.

Anesthetic gases

These systems are designed to remove gases and anesthetic vapours exhaled by the patient and evacuate them outside operating rooms and recovery rooms to prevent accumulations. This greatly reduces the risk, in the long term, to which is exposed the health of operators (surgeons, nurses, etc.). The advantage is given by the absence of contaminants released into the fluid and by the absence of released materials harmful to health.
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