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The side channel blowers are fundamental in the packaging systems because they allow a considerable reduction of the time in the processes of die-cutting, bending, levelling, etc. From the packaging of tablets in the pharmaceutical industry to pick & place in electronics, the applications in this field are multiple.

Air cushion packaging
The air cushions are plastic film bags filled with air which serve to create protective packaging for transport. In particular, these products are used as filler and protective material. How are they made? By means of a side channel blower that blows compressed air in the film tubes and welds them to form the cushions.

Controlled Packaging (MAP)

The MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) is a packaging technology that provides for the replacement of all or part of the air in contact with a gas mixture of known composition. The blower, when in suction, is used to remove oxygen and package the product in a sealed vacuum chamber.

Filling machines

In the packaging phase, prior to filling, the packages are removed through the air of the blowers to ensure that the product reaches the end customer in good condition.

Heat sealing

When manufacturing a product it is important that this is hermetically sealed. The items to be packaged usually run on a belt and are stopped by a guide that keeps them stopped. The side channel blower conveys heated air that by hot welding allows welding and cutting the individual packages.


Thermoforming is a hot vacuum moulding method for plastics that allows obtaining a good aesthetic result of the product, without using additional machining operations.

Packaging machines

The blowers are used for packaging in the die-cutting, bending and flattening processes facilitating the filling and sealing processes.

Pick & Place

When the products arrive from the production to the packaging area they are often arranged in a chaotic manner. FPZ blowers allow 'pick and place' applications; specifically the products are picked up and placed on the conveyor in order and ready to be packaged.

Waste suction

Waste is produced in large quantity during packaging, for example during the blisters or bags finishing tasks. The side channel vacuum blowers pick up quickly any waste. Usually suction units or fixed inlet units are used in these type of systems; through a filtration system they suck the material and move it in an underneath storage unit and then handled manually.

Vacuumed belts

Vacuumed conveyors are used for handling particularly light products such as PET bottles or trays.
Vacuum is created inside the conveyor belt frame with an air suction system through the blower which keeps the product adhering to the belt.
It is therefore possible to achieve higher speeds and avoid tipping over or abnormal slipping of the parts to be moved.

Reduction in the volume

The side channel blowers give the possibility to manufacture products under vacuum, sucking air from the inside of the packaging. This allows a better preservation of the product over time and a considerable reduction in overall dimensions.
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