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In the plastics industry, the FPZ side channel blowers have many functions.
The main uses are:


If plastic, although not being a hygroscopic material, comes into contact with moist air, it may be altered during the process.
Therefore drying is essential for eliminating condensation, through appropriate equipment, in which the blower circulates air in order to dry the material.


The dehumidification process is an essential step in the transformation of plastic granules. Therefore the intrinsic moisture of the granules is reduced to very low residual values.

Polystyrene foam expansion

Polystyrene expansion consists in the polymerization of polystyrene with steam to obtain expanded balls, that will be processed into moulded objects.
Blowers, during this process, convey the pre-expanded balls into the mould.


Even after the melting, plastic can show air bubbles or moisture. The task of blowers is to remove these residues, in order to ensure good quality of the material.

Welding with hot air

Welding with plastic materials requires the use of hot air. This is, in a first part, heated by cartridge heaters and subsequently a blower accelerates it up to the nozzle of the welding machine.

Pneumatic convey

Pneumatic conveying systems are widely used in the plastics industry, as they are ideal for the transfer of granular and powdery products in all the production department.
The blower keeps the gas stream, which holds the product in suspension, stable at the desired speed.
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