Water & Environment

Attention to the environment and to the people is a key priority for FPZ. For this reason the company realizes and produces side channel blower usable in many industries from treatment and aeration of the water to the reclamation of the subsoil, from wastewater treatment up to applications for swimming pools and whirlpools.

Fish farming systems
FPZ blowers can be used to respond to the two major needs of fish farms: lack of space and water oxygenation, Thanks to the blower, in fact, it’s possible to increase the performance of the system with two/three times the amount of fish contained in a basin and, thanks to oxygen introduced, a faster growth and reproduction.

Water purification plants systems
For the water purification plants system, the blower is used in the process of removing contaminants from water of urban or industrial origin and, technically, used to inflate oxygen into the basins with the right pressure and maximum yield. Through this process it’s possible to remove contaminants from raw water and obtain pure water for normal domestic consumption or for industrial uses. The advantages compared to other applications? Reduced costs, contained noises, ductility in placement and minimum maintenance.

Cleaning of subsoil
Rehabilitate land is a delicate process that requires efficient and heavy-duty plants able to withstand moisture and impurities typical of an open environment. FPZ blowers respond to these needs: they are rugged for extreme conditions and allow the restoration of soil thanks to a forced ventilation that removes vapors, gases and contaminants.

Water treatment: swimming pools, wellness ad artificial wave system
FPZ thinks about welfare people. Blowers are widely used in sports centres with swimming pools to purify waters or to creating pleasant typical bubbles or jets of whirlpool, both large and small sizes and both versions combined air/water or air systems only.

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