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The side channel blowers are also used in wood processing to make them more economic and to reduce the working times. Here are the main applications.

Central vacuum systems
These systems are characterized by the use of suction blowers set at a maximum vacuum of 400 mbar. They are used for homogeneous products in different sizes and for non-homogeneous products of different nature and characteristics which may be also very different between them. Blowers used as central suction systems improve efficiency and minimizes costs by reducing the number of special brackets and supports.

Side channel blowers are installed in wood drying chambers to significantly reduce the time required for this procedure from a few weeks to a few days. This is possible using steam. In this way, in addition to time saving, the wood quality increases that does not break and does not suffer the variations of heat caused by the oxygen.

Pick & Place
All the wood loading and unloading operations are easily carried out using the side channel blowers. In fact wood must be picked up and moved, for example, in a cutting workstation or stacked in the warehouse for packing. This will optimize the transfer time and improve the safety level of moving operations.   

Chips and waste suction
Large amounts of waste are produced during wood processing. The side channel vacuum blowers pick up quickly any waste. Usually suction units or fixed inlet units are used in these type of systems; through a filtration system they suck the material and move it in an underneath storage unit and then handled manually.

Vacuumed tables
Vacuumed tables are used in this sector to facilitate wood processing. They consist of perforated or slotted worktops which stop the wood pieces and hold them for the whole processing time. The air flow rate and the vacuum exercised by the blower greatly depend on the type of processing to be performed, on the table size and on the porosity characteristics of the material being processed.
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