Custom Blowers

Special configurations

The production of FPZ is versatile and flexible to enable its clients to find the most suitable solution.

In addition to the standard side channel blowers, in fact, FPZ has also designed special configurations that allow the machine to adapt to the most varied industries, in which the use of a blower is required.

For all your needs FPZ offers a solution:

  • For horizontal or vertical installation of  Eex (d), IE2, IE3, cURus, Nema and Atex engines we have designed blowers with a vertical or horizontal configuration;  
  • For the transport of hazardous fluids such as natural gas, biogas, syngas our staff produces blowers with a double mechanical seal;
  • If the requirement is to install your own engine, you can request bare shaft blowers or flexible coupling blowers;
  • when blowers are used in the applications where, due to the compression or exhaustion of the medium, a higher bearing protection is to be given, or where materials are to show a good resistance to oxidation due to the operating environment of the medium handled,  we offer side channel blowers with with anodization and bearing protection;
  • where the blowers are used to compress or exhaust air/special medium when greater restraint is required; where a higher resistance to oxidation is required or, by using an Atex 3G/D unit, it is possible to operate in environments Zone 2 classified or handling medium having the same Atex category TMS blower with anodization is the right blower for you.

Moreover, all our blowers are available with impregnations, sealing, anodizing with stainless steel bolts and screws and special protections for aggressive gases


Our Technical Service Team will help you customising