Mission & Values

Our past, present and future is built on 5 pillars: our Products, Markets, Processes, People and Clients.

Reference in Products:
Recognized as the world’s largest side channel blower-only business, we will not lose that focus, as we expand horizontally not only in terms of pneumatic breadth, but also vertically into specialty air moving devices using side channel operating principles. We are open to synergistic opportunities with complimentary products, including end use products incorporating side channel blowers. We shall always be aware that our research, engineering and manufacturing expertise have their origins in side channel technology.

Reference in Global Presence:
We have already and will continue to expand our markets, both geographically and through new applications. We not only secure business through existing users of side channel blowers, but also strive to establish a significant marketing presence. We will employ sales organizations that best match the needs of that country and applications: be it distribution, sales agencies or factory direct. Henceforth, bringing the same level of service, regardless of geography or sales organization type.

Reference in Processes
: We will continue to invest in both “hard” and “soft” assets to ensure we incorporate the best – but not necessarily the latest or most fashionable – in production and business management tools. These will assist us in improving production efficiency, manufacturing times and sales effectiveness, with full respect for the environment and the people inhabiting it.

Reference for our People
: At all levels, FPZ will be known as an ethical organization which employs people who are proud of being part of our growing family. A mutual relationship of trust, whereby the company is rewarded by the focus and expertise of its people, and its people are fulfilled and realized in a progressive, secure organization. We will treat our business partners as we wish to be treated.

Reference for our Clients
: We recognize that without clients, there is no business. Everything we do, be it in sales, production, administration or any other areas is for the satisfaction of our clients. While we supply a tangible product, we ultimately provide a reliable business partnership.
We are committed to doing the above with total respect for the environment, people and ethics.
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