February 2021
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Painting & Dye applications for FPZ products.

FPZ’s side channel blowers, dosing pumps and industrial fans are generally used in the following applications:

  • Auto body shops
  • Pad printing
  • Wood processing plants
  • Furniture sublimation printing systems
  • Water painting booths
  • Large painting plants

Auto body shops

In car workshops, the blower is used during the preparation phase before painting.


Dust removal sanding – in suction

Before the painting phase, surfaces must be prepared and sanded. The blower is necessary to remove the putty dust, which is particularly harmful for the operator, during the sanding process.

Our solutions

In car bodies preparation, single impeller single stage side channel blowers are the most used.


Single impeller single stage
with directly driven motor

Auto workshop

The side channel blower is also used in auto shops for drying paint on small or medium surfaces.


Paint drying – in compression

Thanks to a low pressure air flow, the blower gently dries the paint, without creating ripples.

Furthermore, the blower allows to dry even small and medium-sized surfaces, without turning on the oven. This solution means significant energy savings.

Our solutions

The MS series represents the family of blowers mainly used for drying in the auto body shops.


Single impeller single stage
with directly driven motor

Pad printing

In pad printing, the blower dries the paint on the object.


Paint drying – in compression

After each painting phase, the blower dries the colour and allows the object to continue its cycle.

Our solutions

The blower family used for pad printing is the MS.


Single impeller single stage
with directly driven motor

Wood processing plants

In plants for wood painting, the blower removes the excess paint from the baseboards.


Excess paint removal – in suction

The blower is connected to a chamber where a depression of about -400mbar is created. The air drawn from the outside through the slot, laps the baseboard removing the excess paint to deposit it in the tank below.

Our solutions

Double impeller double stage blowers from the TD family are commonly used for wood processing plants.


Double impeller double stage
with directly driven motor

Furniture sublimation printing systems

In the sublimation printing systems of wood or aluminum furniture, the blower is generally used for the application of graphic elements on various surfaces.


Decoration application – in suction

In the sublimation printing process, the blower creates a depression between the product, in wood or aluminum, and a film containing a drawing. In this way, the image is imprinted on the application surface.

Our solutions

The MS series represents the family of blowers mainly used in furniture sublimation systems.


Single impeller single stage
with directly driven motor


Water painting booths

The metering pumps are normally used inside the painting booths to treat and clean the water in the systems.


Water treatment

Doseuro pumps dose different types of viscous and non-viscous products (flocculants / defoamers / pH regulators) for the treatment of the water inside the spray booths, in order to make it easier to export the sludge and for deodorization.

Our solutions

The most commonly used pump families in water painting booths are the SR spring return pumps and the SDP solenoid pumps.


SR Series – Type A
Spring return
piston pumps


SDP Series – Type S
Solenoid pumps


Large painting plants

The industrial fans used for painting systems have different applications according to the production cycle, which can vary by type and size of the treated product.


Pre-treatment, cooking, drying and washing

In a painting plant there are several fans installed in the various stages, starting from the pre-treatment and finishing with the drying oven:

    Pre-treatment oven / cooking oven
    Air curtain / air recirculation
  3. WASHING PHASE – Washing tunnel
    Drying oven

Our solutions

There are 3 series of centrifugal industrial fans that Arivent offers to large painting plants:


G Series – GPR and GPH Types
used in 1 and 4 phases


R e P series – RB, PF e LPR Types
used in 2 and 3 phases