Loghi Legambiente e Carovana dei Ghiacciai

FPZ on Journey through the Alps with Legambiente

Climate change is now an undeniable reality, as are its consequences.

The steady rise in summer temperatures, for example, has caused a massive retreat of Alpine glaciers, both in terms of area and thickness.

In fact, there are already 200 Alpine glaciers that have disappeared in recent decades.

Where years ago the ground was completely covered with ice now stands bare forest and stone, and this means not only the disappearance of breathtaking landscapes, but also the loss of biodiversity and important freshwater reserves, severe soil instability and a consequent increase in landslides.


Legambiente’s Caravan

Turning the spotlight on such a delicate and important issue is the first step toward a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle, and that is why FPZ has chosen to support Legambiente’s Carovana dei Ghiacciai initiative: a traveling caravan of experts who – in collaboration with the Italian Glaciological Committee and CIPRA (International Commission for the Protection of the Alps)- every year, during August, make important analyses on the state of glaciers’ health in different Alpine locations, following a route that in 2023 included six stops between Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

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The importance of the Research

The goal of this project is to gather valuable information on glacier retreat, raise awareness among citizens and public officials about what is threatening the mountain environment, and possible countermeasures to be taken by analyzing and comparing the data collected with those of previous years.

For more information on the project you can visit the Legambiente website.

Living with awareness and making forward-looking choices is crucial to building a more responsible and sustainable society that can protect high-altitude environments.