Working in FPZ

In FPZ you will find a young, dynamic and constantly evolving environment.

Our corporate culture is based on mutual respect and continuous learning, two essential elements for both personal and professional growth.

We strongly believe in our people and their ideas, which is why we always listen to them carefully and try to enhance every single project. Above all, we strongly believe in young people to whom we offer a stimulating environment with remarkable growth prospects. For this reason, we do not respect pre-established schemes and rules and we are ready to entrust them with very important responsibilities with respect to the actual professional experience gained.

We offer everyone the opportunity to try, fail, learn and grow. When we are faced with any problem, we consider it a learning experience and we work together to find a solution.

We support and follow our people throughout their career and encourage them to develop their potential to the maximum, through continuous training, challenging projects and growth opportunities in different business areas.

This is why we are always looking for people eager to confront innovation and continuous improvement, motivated to share tenaciously the objectives of a team that believes in what it does and in the results it can achieve.

If you think of sharing our values and embracing our culture, if you are curious, proactive, full of energy and you want to learn, join the great FPZ team!

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