This year we have chosen to invest the budget for Christmas gifts in two projects that will benefit our loved ones and the Earth. The collaboration with 3bee, the association for the protection of biodiversity that supports the activities of Italian beekeepers, continues and a new cooperation with the Lega del Filo D’Oro is born to support people suffering from blindness and deafness.

3bee project


FPZ contributes to the protection of biodiversity with 3bee, maintaining the adoption of the 3 FPZ apiaries and planting native species with high honey potential.

The forests of biodiversity are born

Over the last few decades there has been an increasing loss of biodiversity due to multiple factors such as intensive agriculture, climate change, incorrect use of pesticides and the reduction of planted soil in favor of urbanization. This deficit has triggered a chain reaction leading to the collapse of over 30% of Italian hives due to: lack of nectar and decline of pollinators.

One in ten pollinating insects are on the verge of extinction and a third of bee and butterfly species are dwindling. Pollinators are the main allies of biodiversity because, by allowing wild plants to reproduce, they guarantee the maintenance of ecosystems and the resulting environmental services. For these reasons FPZ has decided to confirm its support for beekeepers by renewing the adoption of 3 hives.


To counteract the fragmentation and simplification of the soil resulting from intensive monocultures and the increase in urbanization and to feed the bees FPZ has chosen to plant native species of trees with a high milliferous potential to further support local biodiversity with significant positive impacts.


Lega del Filo d’Oro


FPZ ensures an improvement in the quality of life for deafblind and multi-psychosensory elderly people with occupational and expressive activities. 

Improved quality of life for elderly guests

Becoming old is difficult and even more if you are unable to see and hear. For these reasons FPZ, on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, has chosen to also think of the elderly by investing in rehabilitation and occupational activities in order to restore the right dignity and attention to those who came before us. With the support of FPZ, the Lega del Filo D’Oro will be able to offer workshops aimed to the creation of small artifacts, also through the help of simple facilitating aids, which simplify the actions necessary for carrying out the task, and at the same time increase the autonomy, personal self-esteem and self-efficacy, and the independence of the person. People with greater cognitive skills develop, compatibly with motor skills, skills to make artifacts. The workshops become an important occasion to increase social and relational skills.