FPZ was born, thanks to the pioneering spirit of Celso Ferigo.

Founded by the entrepreneurial approach of Celso Ferigo and 2 other partners, FPZ SpA group headquarters is located in Concorezzo, Monza Brianza.

The company was founded in 1975 and in a few years expanded also abroad, intensifying its international presence through a network of dealers in Europe and the opening of a branch in the United States.

In 2008 the current Chief Executive Officer, Sergio Ferigo, joined the company and from that moment FPZ embarked on a path of growth and change.

One of the main innovations concerns the introduction of the Lean Thinking Methodology in all the business areas, from the strategy development to the production and sales.

According to its continuous improvement approach, in 2013 FPZ adhered to the Elite program of Borsa Italiana with the aim of increasing the dimensional and cultural company growth.

It is precisely with the aim of becoming a global reference point in fluid handling, that starting from 2017 FPZ began a process of acquisitions of Italian companies. A growth strategy that FPZ undertakes to present itself on the market with a more complete portfolio (offer) which, in addition to the side channel blowers, now also includes metering pumps and industrial fans.

FPZ thus becomes a group consisting of 3 business units and starts an in-depth rebranding process for the development of a coordinated and cohesive image that further enhances the synergies created between all the companies.

The FPZ brands

  • FPZ for side channel blowers
  • Doseuro for metering pumps
  • Arivent for industrial fans