Sustainable Projects for Christmas 2021

The Earth is our planet, unique and special with its biodiversity, its wealth of water and life; this year we decided to invest the Christmas gifts budget in 2 projects with the aim to make a small improvement in the life of each of us.

Our help to Treedom and 3bee which, with their contribution protect heterogeneity of the species, reforestation and local communities, wants to be a message of hope and cooperation for a better world.

Treedom Project

FPZ contributes to the reforestation of the planet with Treedom, by planting 600 trees around the world.

FPZ forest is born! 

Trees are valuable allies in the fight against climate change, because they produce oxygen and absorb CO2, trapping it in their trunks, branches and roots. By doing so, they improve the quality of the air and help lower temperatures by subtracting CO2 from the atmosphere. Aware of the importance of protecting the environment, FPZ decided to support the Treedom project by planting 600 trees that absorb 654,500 kg of CO2 which would be enough to fill 805 trucks. Another benefit is the protection of biodiversity, a landscape rich in heterogeneous species is better resistant to disease and becomes a paradise for pollinating insects. In addition, the trees create an undergrowth capable of intercepting the rainwater and giving the soil time to gradually absorb it, thus protecting the territories from increasingly frequent extreme climatic events.

The project aims to have a positive impact not only on the environment but also on the people who live there. For these reasons, the project areas are mainly located in developing countries where the benefits of trees can really make a difference. The FPZ forest comes to life in Ecuador, Kenya, Madagascar, Nepal and Tanzania. Furthermore, we have decided to plant trees in Italy, the country of our origins and our culture.

All the trees planted remain the property of the farmers who, for this project, are financed by FPZ for the production of the seedlings, the training, the distribution and the mapping of the trees. The communities acquire skills step by step that they can  transfer to others and that offer farmers an income opportunity. Women are an active part of the project, also holding roles of responsibility. Many take care of the more delicate tasks, such as grafting and geotagging trees. Over time they acquire professionalism and skills that allow each of them to have their own economic autonomy.

Read the FPZ forest diary to stay updated on the tree growth process!

New Life Young Plant in Sunlight, Growing Plant, Plant Seedling. Spring Garden Concept

3bee Project

FPZ contributes to the protection of biodiversity with 3bee, adopting 3 apiaries.

FPZ Oasis is born!

Bees are indispensable, they are the fundamental link in the food chain. Thanks to their pollination work, they are responsible for about 80% of the food we eat every day. Climate change, pesticides, diseases, parasites, predators and toxic clouds are threatening the safety of these little allies of ours. For this reason FPZ has chosen to support the 3bee project by adopting 3 apiaries each consisting of 5 hives. Through the adoption of apiaries FPZ supports the work of beekeepers by providing Hive-Tech monitoring systems through 3bee. Modern sensors make it possible to remotely monitor the health of bees in real time. Thanks to the most recent and sophisticated equipment it is possible to prevent problems and reduce the mortality rate of pollinators with a positive impact on plants, flowers and the yield of agricultural crops.

The project also aims to have a positive impact on beekeepers who, by having these sophisticated technological hives, can reduce costs, optimize production, save time and treat their bees by preventing problems and diseases.

Discover the new FPZ oasis.