Our identity is deeply based on our company culture.

The FPZ Way provides indications so that every member of our Group has the opportunity to express his talent towards a common vision.

Why the FPZ Way?

Often those who examine a company from outside look at the turnover, profit and cash flow. Those who work within it however, know that before all these things the company is made up of its people, each with their individuality, skills, professionalism, emotions and motivation that combine as part of a team.

At FPZ we think that turnover, profit and cash flow are like air, water and food for a healthy body: they are essential for living, but they are not the meaning of life.

The true success of the FPZ cannot be measured by financial performance alone: the true success of the FPZ is linked to the success of our people's lives. At FPZ, we want everyone to have the tools and opportunities to achieve their ambitions, and our leaders are tasked with helping everyone to bring out the best in themselves.

Throughout the world, human beings all want the same thing: to be recognized with dignity for what they are and what they do. Companies like ours are in the ideal position to support people in their efforts to make their dreams come true.

We all know people who feel that they do not count for their company, that they "are just a number" or that they "work only for their salary". We do not want our people to do that! A work environment based on care, attention and responsibility, capable of making work rewarding, proves to each person that FPZ is aware of the importance and dignity of its role.

Our Code of Ethics

Attention to ethics is an indispensable approach in terms of the Group’s reputation and reliability and embodies the commitment of the Group in front of all its collaborators.

The ethical principles and values expressed in the Code of Ethics, in fact, must inspire the daily activity of all of those who work in and with the Group, taking into consideration the importance of the roles, the complexity of the functions and the responsibilities entrusted to them in performing their tasks.