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Foot Print Zero

Foot Print Zero is an initiative born from FPZ’s deep commitment to adopting sustainable practices that preserve both people and the environment. Every day, FPZ work to create a positive environment and contribute value to society, both through environmental and people care. Discover the projects we have started and how our dedication to sustainability is reflected in our name: FPZ, Foot Print Zero.

For every Natural Finish blower sold,
Treedom will plant a tree,
thus creating a “forest” generated by FPZ

Sustainability Formula

FPZ consistently operates with a mindset of continuous improvement. For this reason, the company has decided to implement significant changes over time that have brought a radical transformation in both the environment and the well-being of individuals. While all FPZ blowers are initially treated with water-based paints, in pursuit of enhancement, FPZ has chosen to offer its blowers Natural Finish, aiming to reduce VOC emissions, waste materials, energy consumption, and usage.

For each Natural Finish blower, FPZ will plant a tree with Treedom, contributing to reforestation efforts worldwide.

To date, we have reduced the number of painted blowers by 39%, saving over 1600 kg of paint, equivalent to more than eight full bins. This reduction translates into a decrease of 73.92 kg of CO2 emissions.

Solar Panels

FPZ has recently completed an ambitious project to renovate its production spaces. This renovation included the installation of modern solar panels, representing a significant step towards the company’s energy sustainability. These solar panels not only provide clean and renewable energy but also store energy for use during daily production activities.

Thanks to this innovative technology, FPZ has achieved a crucial level of energy autonomy, currently representing 40% of the total daily energy requirement of the company. This significant investment in renewable energy not only reduces FPZ’s environmental impact but also demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.

Glacier Caravan

FPZ has chosen to support Legambiente’s Glacier Caravan, an itinerant team of experts who, in collaboration with the Italian Glaciological Committee and CIPRA (International Commission for the Protection of the Alps), conduct crucial analyses on the health status of glaciers in various alpine locations each August.

This project aims to collect valuable information on glacier retreat, raise awareness among citizens and national and local institutions about environmental threats to mountain areas, and discuss potential countermeasures through the analysis and comparison of collected data from previous years.


Noise Quality

The working environment is a crucial factor in people’s well-being. In noisy environments, even with protective headphones, our bodies perceive sounds through the vibration of the skeletal system, potentially increasing stress and the risk of distraction.

In line with Industry 5.0, FPZ has developed EVO blowers with Smartwave technology, capable of reducing higher frequencies, resulting in a more uniform sound emission that reduces the acoustic impact on humans. The technological innovation of EVO also translates into increased energy efficiency, contributing to greater environmental sustainability along with other production choices.

Sustainable Gadgets

FPZ is actively transforming the production of its corporate gifts, adopting an increasingly sustainable approach. We are committed to using materials from recycled sources or sustainable supply chains for the creation of our corporate gifts.

This means that every item we offer carries a reduced ecological footprint and a tangible commitment to environmental conservation. We are proud to embark on this path towards sustainability, demonstrating that it is possible to combine the quality of our products with environmental responsibility.


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

At a time when the transition to more sustainable forms of energy is essential to address environmental challenges, FPZ is making a concrete commitment to this change by installing electric vehicle charging stations in company parking to promote the use of electric vehicles among employees and visitors.

In addition to promoting electric mobility, the installation of charging stations can also reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality in the surrounding area.

Biodiversity Conservation

FPZ’s commitment to biodiversity conservation continues through its annual collaboration with 3Bee, the leading naturetech company in biodiversity protection through technology.

Our Biodiversity Oases consist of three biomonitoring beehives equipped with 3Bee Hive-Tech technology, allowing for statistical observation of the health status of approximately 300,000 bees and monitoring environmental parameters useful for analyzing surrounding biodiversity. Furthermore, we have planted a nectar-bearing forest of 100 trees monitored from this year onwards according to the Element-E biodiversity monitoring protocol developed by 3Bee.

But it doesn’t stop there: we are part of the CSR Oasis, 3Bee’s network dedicated to sustainability professionals. Here, we share knowledge, ideas, and practices to promote responsible corporate management and sustainability.

A tangible and measurable project through which we have participated in the largest study and research project on pollinating insects and biodiversity.

Discover our Biodiversity Oasis.