Side channel blowers/exhausters

FPZ has been designing and manufacturing side channel blowers/exhausters for the compression and suction of air, technical gases, methane and biogas for over 40 years.
Founded in 1975, the company grows and consolidates over the years as the blower division of the FPZ group.

Decades of experience, expertise, know-how and ability to offer personalized solutions for specific customer needs are among FPZ's main strengths.

Single stage side channel blowers/exhausters
Double stage side channel blowers/exhausters

Metering pumps

Doseuro offers pumps and systems for the dosing of chemical, acid or basic liquid products.

Established in 1980, it has been confirmed as an innovative and avant-garde company since the early years, being among the first companies in Italy to introduce the die-casting technique in the creation of pumps.

In 2000, the existing line of spring return and solenoid pumps was joined by the new line of positive return pumps, mainly used in the Oil & Gas industry.

It became part of the FPZ family in 2018, becoming the brand of the group's Metering Pumps division. Flexibility, ability to offer tailor-made solutions and reduced delivery times are the main plus points of Doseuro’s business unit.

Industrial fans

Arivent is an Italian company specialized in the field of civil and industrial ventilation. A reference point in its sector, Arivent manufactures centrifugal fans (used for the transport of clean, dusty, corrosive and abrasive air and gases) and axial fans.

Founded in 1976 in Carate Brianza, in the early 2000s the company recorded significant growth both in Italy and abroad thanks to investments in new machinery and processes that allow to speed up and improve production.

The current Arivent brand was born from the merger of two relevant industrial companies with over 40 years of experience in the sector, Arivent Italiana and MCA Ventilatori, and today represents the FPZ Industrial Fans division.

The differentiating elements of Arivent are connected to the characteristics of its products: robust construction, high yields and maximum reliability.

Centrifugal fans
Axial fans