The applications of FPZ products in the water treatment industry.

FPZ side channel blowers, metering pumps and industrial fans are used in various applications for water treatment:

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Boiler water treatment
  • Cooling tower water treatment

Wastewater treatment

FPZ side channel blowers are used in the water purification process, in traditional activated sludge plants or in systems with membrane bioreactors i.e. MBR (Membrane Biological Reactor) and SAFF (Submerged Aerobic Fixed Film reactor).


Oil separation

The oil separation, or degreasing process, aims to remove the excess of oils and fats from the water. The air is blown from the bottom of the tanks through porous diffusers. The emulsified fats, pushed towards the surface, are discharged into a collection well.

Biological oxidation

In the biological oxidation phase, the air blown through porous diffusers provides the oxygen that degrades the organic substances present in the wastewater.


The air generated by the blower feeds the air-lift pump, used for lifting and recirculating water with mud or sand.

Our solutions

Three families of blowers are usually used in the wastewater treatment.
Available with directly driven motor or elastic motor coupling in horizontal or vertical form
(MOR, GOR and GVR).


Single impeller single stage


Single impeller double stage


Double impeller double stage


Wastewater treatment

In addition to side channel blowers, FPZ is also able to offer pumps for dosing chemicals in the wastewater treatment.


Coagulation and flocculation

Metering pumps are used to coagulate and flocculate chemicals such as polyelectrolyte, ferric chloride and aluminum sulphate, with the aim of precipitating the sludge to the bottom of the tank, and then eliminating it.


Metering pumps are also used for the dosage of chemicals for pH regulation such as sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid aluminum sulphate.

Our solutions

The pumps generally used are mechanical diaphragm spring return ones but Doseuro’s range also includes electric mixers and automatic systems for the polyelectrolyte preparation.


SR Series – Type D
Spring return
mechanical diaphragm pumps


EM Series
Electric mixers


H series
Automatic plants for
the polyelectrolytes preparation

Boiler water treatment

Metering pumps are used in the boiler water treatment process for chemical dosage, useful for damage prevention and protection of the boiler


Corrosion reduction

The pump doses chemicals (hydrazine and ammonia) to eliminate erosion, corrosion and the accumulation of limescale inside the boiler.

Phosphate level control

Furthermore, the metering pump is also used to inject phosphates, thereby controlling the levels present in the boiler feed water.

Our solutions

The metering pumps used in boiler water treatment are high-pressure pumps and Doseuro, compared to the competition, offers not only positive return pumps but also spring return pumps.


SR Series – Type A
Spring return
piston pumps


PDP Series – Type AI
Positive return
piston pumps

Cooling tower water treatment

To increase the productivity of industrial plants, the water present in the cooling towers is treated thanks to the use of metering pumps.


Reduction of corrosion and limescale deposits

The pump injects chemicals, such as corrosion inhibitors (e.g. bicarbonates) to neutralize acidity, limescale inhibitors (e.g. phosphoric acid) to prevent contaminants from forming limescale deposits.

Our solutions

In this application, spring return pumps, both piston and mechanical diaphragm, and solenoid pumps are used.


SR Series – Type A
Spring return
piston pumps


SR Series – Type D
Spring return
mechanical diaphragm pumps


SDP Series
Solenoid pumps

Drinking water treatment

Dosing pumps are also used in water treatment systems for domestic use.


PH and chlorine control

During this treatment process, the groundwater becomes drinkable and the metering pumps are used to control pH and chlorine levels.

Our solutions

The SMF type solenoid pumps are the most used in the drinking water purification systems.


SDP Series – Type SMF
Solenoid pumps


Wastewater treatment

FPZ is also present in wastewater treatment with a wide range of Arivent industrial fans, used for various applications.


Sludge drying

In the sludge drying process, industrial fans are used to transport the air that was previously heated by batteries.

Ammonia volatilization

In the process of ammonia volatilization, the water, rich in nitrates, is oxygenated by the air blown by the fan.

Water flotation

Flotation is an operation that allows both suspended particles, that have a tendency to float freely (they have a density lower than water), along with those that are poorly sedimentable, to be brought to the water surface.

Scrubber for air purification

In the case of a scrubber for air purification, 2 types of industrial fans are used:

  • Upstream of the scrubber -> coming into contact with gases that can be corrosive and abrasive, the fan is made of AISI or coated with ebonite or Halar and the impeller is always coated.
  • Downstream of the scrubber -> having to convey the air that has already been purified, the fan must have special characteristics.

Our solutions

In the sludge drying process, the fans are designed to withstand high temperatures, such as the S and P series, while for ammonia volatilization and water flotation, the fans must have a very high pressure capability, such as those of the P family.

ATEX Versions


S Series


P Series

For the last application, use on a scrubber for air purification, the whole range of Arivent centrifugal fans are suitable.

ATEX Versions


S – G – R – P Series
MCA Family

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