The applications of FPZ products in the electronics industry.

FPZ side channel blowers, dosing pumps and industrial fans find their use in the following fields of application:​

  • Drying systems
  • Pick & Place
  • Suction of dust and fumes
  • Air recirculation

Drying Systems

The FPZ side channel blower is used after the washing process for drying: enameled wires, electrical cables, boards and printed circuits.


Liquid drops and condensation removal

The product passes inside a drying tunnel in which the blowers generate a flow of hot air which, through a series of adjustable nozzles in height, depth and inclination, allow you to remove drops of liquid and condensation from the product. Thanks to the drying it is possible to proceed with the subsequent stages of processing.

The blowers can also be used in combination with FPZ’s Windblade ™ air knives.

Our solutions

The families of blowers used for drying applications are the MS, possibly combined with Windblade ™ air knives.

Available with directly driven motor MOR


Single impeller single stage


Air Knife

Pick & Place

The side channel blower is used inside pneumatic manipulators allowing to carry out the picking and positioning of components and printed circuits.


Withdrawal of the product

The blower is used in suction inside the gripping system of the pneumatic manipulators, creating a negative pressure that provides the force necessary to pick up the product.

Product positioning

The blower is used in combination with the flow reversing valve, to release the objects previously picked up.

Our solutions

The most suitable blowers for the transport of electronic components are the MS and MD used in combination with the flow reversing valves.

Available with directly driven motor MOR


Single impeller single stage


Single impeller double stage


Flow reversing


Suction of dust and fumes

The fan is used to remove dust and fumes from the electronic component production plant.

3 aspir-elettr

Removal of dust and fumes

The fan is used to remove harmful fumes and dust from the production plant, formed during the production and welding processes.

Our solutions

Fans suitable for this application are able to work in dusty environments and withstand high temperatures. Generally they have flat or radial backward blades.

ATEX versions


G – R – P Series

Air recirculation 

The fan is used to allow normal air circulation within the production plants.

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Removal of harmful substances

The fan is used to remove harmful substances from the work environment through a recirculation mechanism of the air that is taken from the environment and conducted to the blast chillers or filter systems.

Our solutions

For air recirculation, axial fans can be used, ideal for extracting high quantities of fumes, dusty and humid air.

ATEX versions


A Series

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